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Manitoba All Parrots Mix 800g (Italy)

Manitoba All Parrots Mix 800g (Italy)


Manitoba Mix All Parrot Conf Sacco Da 2kg Parrots are distributed throughout the southern hemisphere of the planet, where coexist very different habitats. From the humid tropical forests of South America, the Australian deserts, from the jungles of Southeast Asia to the great African plains. However, larger populations are natives of 'Australia and Central and South America. Some species can imitate the human voice and other sounds, even if they have no vocal cords, thanks to a vocal organ at the base of the trachea known as "syringe". Like most of the parrots are primarily seed-eaters, then, even in the habitat function, you notice some variations (fruits, nuts, leaves, insects, etc.) Between the individual species.


Sunflower seed, Safflower, Peas, Maize, Sorghum, Buckwheat, oats, Peanuts, Sunflower white, Extruded, Pellet, Groundnut, Shelled walnuts

Instructions for proper use

The great variety and the particular organoleptic characteristics of this mixture allow each species bred in captivity to reproduce more akin to their natural diet needs. The food daily administration should be equal to the average amount consumed in the 24 hours, taking care to ensure before each dose the cleaning and washing of the manger. This practice health and hygiene will also be extended trough, providing fresh, clean water always available.

Product Analysis :

Moisture 11.45 %

Raw Protein 9.95 %

Raw Fat 6.30 %

Raw Ash 4.20 %

Raw Fiber 10.35 % 

SHELF LIFE : 48 Months

Article No. : ALLP800